An innovative ceramic heating
technology based ON stainless steel heating plate
μKERA NC Ceramic Heating Technology
μKERA NC – a ceramic-based micro-vaporization technology. It is a technological platform that dedicates itself to the development of safe and efficient vaporization solutions for electronic cannabis delivery systems. Our unique patented technology puts us ahead of the competition.
Advantages of μKERA NC
Material Safety
μKERA NC adopts food grade ceramic materials and stainless steel 316L medical grade heating elements. Through low-temperature sintering and molding, the atomized precipitate does not contain heavy metals, which strictly meets all requirements and regulations, in addition to safeguarding consumers.
Pure Flavor
μKERA NC uses a metal plate instead of ordinary winding wire, which provides a rich low-temperature heating surface area, which accounts to 50% more than ordinary coils and provides a more uniform heating area, in addition to a purer taste.
Patent Protection
A unique structural design with patent protection and medical grade 316L heating wire material can control temperature to prevent dry burning.
All Levels Viscosity Range
μKERA NC optimizes the microporous structure of ceramics, so the cartridge equipped with μKERA NC can effectively adapt to the widest viscosities of oils on the market.
Leak-proof Design
The unique airflow channel design not only provides a smoother vaping experience, but also locks oil and prevents oil leakage.