Next-Generation vaporization
Technology for ECDS Applications
μKERA is a ceramic-based micro-vaporization technology brand that has been created by JWEI in the past years. It is a technological platform that dedicates itself to the development of safe and efficient vaporization solutions for electronic cannabis delivery systems.
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μKERA Ultra Introduction Video
Advantages of uKERA Technology
Pure Flavor
µKERA has the perfect design to ensure that oil flows evenly and be atomized quickly. We achieve perfect taste by improving the micro-pore structure and heating area design.
Material safety and device operational safety are critical to the vape device developers and manufacturers, especially in the post PMTA era. μKERA Ultra ceramic elements are all made with food grade, heavy metal free materials strictly conformed to regulatory requirements.
Wide Range
By optimizing the porosity, thermal conductivity and microporous structure of ceramics, μKERA Ultra can handle the widest range of viscosity in the market.
Durability & Reliability
The integration of the heating element onto the ceramic wick is steady due to a nano-scale adhesion with chemically covalent bonding, resulting in durable heating performance and reliable thermal cycling capability.
Quality Guaranteed
All of our products are sterilized, manufactured, packed, and labeled in our cGMP facilities adhere to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 quality standards.