µKERA MC TECHNOLOGYIndustry first, Mesh-Coil Ceramic Atomizer for the Cannabis industry, developed to improve taste, vapor, and efficiency.
μKERA MC Introduction Video
What is µKERA MC(Mesh Coil)?µKERA Mesh Coil is our latest ceramic-based atomizer technology for the cannabis industry. Utilizing the Highest Grade NiCr, a Mesh Heating Element is made and embedded in a Ceramic Core. Resulting in an atomizer with a stable porous ceramic structure and uniform heat distribution that improves vapor and taste.
Why Choose µKERA MC(Mesh Coil) ?The µKERA Mesh Coil was developed to offer a safer and improved vaping experience. With its Special mesh structure, Mesh Coil will heat up much faster at a lower working temp and distribute the heat evenly. The result is improved Flavor Profiles, Lower Power Demand and Cooler Vapor. µKERA’s dedication to refinement and innovation is what led us to develop high-end cannabis vape devices. With all the improvements and at a similar cost than traditional coils, it’s time to upgrade your Regular Ceramic Coil to a µKERA High-End Mesh Coil.
Advantages of µKERA MC (Mesh Coil)