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510 Cartridge – Screw-On
●  Screw-on Mouthpiece
●  μKERA Ceramic Coil
●  Borosilicate Glass Tank
●  Standard 510 Thread
●  Available for Customization
●  Size: φ10.6*42.8mm(0.5g)
●  Size: φ10.6*52.8mm(1.0g)
●  Capacity: 0.5g/1.0g
●  Oil Intake Hole: 4×2.0mm
●  Heating Element: μKERA Ceramic Coil
●  Coil Resistance: 1.4ohm
●  Connection: Standard 510 Connection
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uKERA Ceramic Heating Technology
μKERA Ceramic Coil is made of food-grade ceramic materials, and the unique structural design optimizes the porosity of ceramics, ensuring excellent oil-conducting and oil-locking properties. The heating element is made of nickel-chromium, which can bring higher atomization efficiency and better taste experience.
The Purest Taste
The cartridge uses glass as the tank material to ensure better corrosion resistance and better oil flow. The core heating element uses a μKERA ceramic coil to ensure the original taste of the oil.
Safety & Quality
Considering the safety, the cartridge adopts medical grade 316L stainless steel center post, and the atomized precipitate has no heavy metal components. Ensuring safe vaping experience.
Screw-on Mouthpiece
The cartridge adopts screw-on mouthpiece, it’s more convenient to operate and more efficient.
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