Reach New Heights With Nimbus
Nimbus Pro(3g/4g)
●  Compact and Discreet
●  Bypass for Preheating
●  uKERA™ MC Ceramic Heating Core
●  Visible oil tank
●  Draw-Activated
●  Nimbus(1g/2g) Optimized for THC
●  Nimbus Pro(3g/4g) Optimized for CBD and CBD Derivatives
●  Size: 41.1*18.6*69.9mm
●  Tank Material:Food Grade PCTG
●  Central Post:SUS316L stainless steel
●  Cartridge Capacity: 1.0g / 2.0g / 3.0g / 4.0g
●  Battery Capacity: 310mAh
●  Output Voltage: 3.3V
●  Coil Resistance: 1.4±0.12Ω
●  Charging: Type-C
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Reach New Heights with Nimbus
Ascend beyond the clouds with our compact and discreet AIO disposable
The Power of Mesh Coil in the Palm of Your Hands
Smoother and More Flavorful Hits!
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Nimbus is ingeniously designed to retain its original size and shape while accommodating four distinct volumes of oil, ranging from 1g to 4g.
We want to empower oil brands to effortlessly provide a diverse range of options with four different capacities, all while utilizing the exact same packaging solution.
The internal structure varies for each size, so the tank volume must be specified when placing an order.
Easy Top Filling and Capping
Designed with open-top filling and a press-on mouthpiece, we have streamlined the filling and capping process.
This user-friendly design ensures that filling your device is easy and efficient.
Power Up in No Time with Fast Charging USB-C
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