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510 Batteries: What’s With All The Power Levels And How to Choose The Right One

The concept of variable voltage batteries are nothing new when it comes to vaping cannabis. It allows you to adjust the voltage output, which as a result affects the power delivered to the cartridge. A fairly straightforward system, yet when asked, most users aren’t utilizing the variable setting at all, mainly due to a lack of understanding. So hopefully we can clear the mystery behind the different settings and when you may want to change them.

There is a large variety of voltage ranges and mechanisms for adjusting voltage. You will find batteries that have dials, buttons, or digital displays to adjust the specific voltage increments. To understand the different voltage settings, first we have to realize that the optimal voltage setting will vary from person to person. This is dependent on a number of factors such as personal taste, the resistance of the atomizer, and the cannabis oil used. We encourage experimenting with different voltage settings to find the right one that suits your preferences.

Start off by setting the voltage to its lowest level. Low voltage levels are useful when using atomizers with higher resistance or for oils with delicate flavors that might get burnt at a higher voltage.

Gradually increase the voltage in small increments if you find that the vapor production or flavor is lacking until you reach a setting that is satisfying. Increasing the voltage will deliver more power to the atomizer which can cause the cannabis oil to vaporize at a faster rate, resulting in larger vape clouds. As the power increases so does the temperature of the atomizer which can result in the vapor produced to be a warmer temperature. Some users prefer warmer vapor as it can enhance the flavor and throat hit.

It is important to note that not all atomizers or cartridges are compatible with high voltage settings. Some cartridges have recommended voltage ranges, so be sure to check any of the specifications provided to avoid damaging your cartridge, or experiencing a burnt taste.

Overall, the primary differences between voltage settings on a variable voltage 510 battery are the power output, vapor production, and flavor intensity. Lower voltage settings produce a cooler vapor with smaller clouds, while higher settings produce a warmer vapor with bigger clouds. Finding the right balance is subjective and often requires personal experimentation to achieve the desired vaping experience.