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Cotton Wick vs. Ceramic Coil: Which is Better for Vaping Cannabis?

The type of wick you use greatly impacts your vaping experience and determines what liquids and viscosities are compatible with your device. Different extracts may require different wicks, and using the wrong one can destroy your oil and be dangerous for the consumer.

Although cotton wicks have been the standard, ceramic coils are quickly growing in popularity, especially with cannabis vapes. It’s important to consider the unique requirements of your extracts when selecting the right cannabis vape hardware for your brand. 

To guide you in this process, here are some benefits and drawbacks of using cotton wicks vs. ceramic coils in cannabis vapes. 

Cotton Wicks

If you’re using a cotton wick, the wrong cotton will make your vapor taste flavorless or even burnt. As the cotton touches the vape liquid and heating element, it can make or break the entire experience. 

Cotton wicks are quite popular because they’re relatively cheap and widely available. They have good wicking ability, meaning cotton wicks can easily absorb and transfer vape liquid to the heating element. Cotton also doesn’t add any unwanted flavors to the vapor and, if well maintained, allows for great flavor reproduction. 

Since cotton wicks have a short lifespan, you need to replace them frequently. If you’re vaping with a worn-out or dirty wick, it can leave a bad taste in the vapor. Similarly, if you let the vape liquid run too low, it can produce a burnt taste and you’ll need to replace the wick again. Cotton wicks aren’t compatible with thicker oil viscosities as they’ll gunk up the wick and reduce vapor production. Overall, cotton wicks are a great fit for standard vapes but aren’t very durable nor compatible with different types of extracts. 

Ceramic Coil

A ceramic vape coil consists of a microporous ceramic structure attached to a heating element. There’s a significant difference in the quality of a ceramic coil depending on its pore size, porosity levels, and overall pore distribution.

Ceramic coils are known for their excellent wicking ability and can control oil intake better than other types of wicks. This allows for more consistent taste and vapor volume. A ceramic coil will distribute heat evenly, resulting in a smoother and more flavorful vaping experience. You can even control the heating temperature of ceramic coils to prevent dry-burning. 

Ceramic coils can withstand higher temperatures than cotton wicks and are compatible with a wide range of oil viscosities. They’re also extremely durable and last several weeks or even months before they need to be replaced.

While ceramic coils have many benefits, they can be more expensive than cotton wicks. Still, the use of ceramic coils in the cannabis industry is growing in popularity and becoming more widely available at a similar price point to regular coils.  

How Do They Compare?

Cotton wicks are quite common, and users can easily replace the wick themselves. However, cotton wicks don’t last long and may ruin the vaping experience and burn your extract if not properly maintained. 

Ceramic coils are more durable and controlled, delivering a consistently enjoyable vaping experience. Although ceramic coils are growing in popularity, their quality greatly depends on the ceramic structure.

If you’re looking for the best wick to use with cannabis vapes, here are a few things to consider: 


It’s important to look for a coil compatible with your extracts. Cotton wicks may gunk up when used with thicker oil viscosities and reduce vapor volume. You need to look for a coil with good oil flow so customers will have the best experience with your products. Our uKERA team can test the compatibility of your extracts with our vape hardware to ensure compatibility!

Temperature Control

As traditionally high vaping temperatures may destroy the cannabinoids and terpenes in your extract, it’s crucial to look for a coil with good temperature control. Cotton wicks have a higher risk of burning, which will ruin the taste of your vapor and the potency of your extract. Our ceramic coils have lower working temperatures and are set to the ideal heating range for cannabinoids, so you get a better experience and don’t waste any product. 


Cannabis extracts are much more expensive than regular e-liquids, and their vape hardware should reflect that. One of the most common complaints with cannabis vapes is that the taste and vapor volume significantly declines with use. The benefit of ceramic coils is that they deliver a consistently enjoyable experience and last far longer than other vape coils. Ceramic coils are also more durable and less likely to fail or burn than cotton wicks. 

Our uKERA team has put years of research into developing the best technology for cannabis vapes. We use a microporous ceramic coil in all uKERA vapes, which is compatible with the widest range of cannabis extracts. Our ceramic coils help control oil flow, distribute heat evenly, and produce a smoother taste and vapor. Reach out to our team today to sample our vape hardware and see the difference for yourself!