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Is Mesh Coil the Next Generation of Vape Cart Technology?

The 510 Threaded Vape Cartridge has fast become a crucial part of the cannabis industry. Vape batteries are nearly universal, the carts are easy to use, easy to find, and work fast. But ask any regular vape cart smoker what their main complaint is and most will tell you that the quality of the hits deteriorates drastically from the start of the cart to the finish. The end just tastes plain bad.

This isn’t a new or unknown problem, it’s simply what happens when cannabis oil is heated and cooled repeatedly over the lifespan of the Regular Coil cart. The single wire reaches temperatures past the boiling points of many cannabinoids and terpenes in the oil. THC is the life of the party but to truly experience the entourage effect and get the most out of your cannabis oil, you want all that good stuff in there.

Here’s where the new Mesh Coil technology from uKERA USA comes into play. It may look familiar on the outside but it’s what’s on the inside that separates the Mesh Coil from the status quo. µKERA USA Product Development Manager Kevin Morales discusses what makes the Mesh Coil so revolutionary.

Unlike a traditional single wire coil that gets very hot in one place, the mesh design has double the heating surface area which ensures heat is more evenly distributed. Evenly distributed heat is what leads to that full spectrum experience from start to finish.

Difference in Design Between Regular Coil and Mesh Coil Regular Coil Versus Mesh Coil Heat Map

The heat map shows how the regular coil gets very hot in one spot while the Mesh Coil heats up evenly over a greater area. This results in better quality vaporization and consistent flavor from first hit to last. The days of dreading the oil at the end of a vape cart are over. Modern cannabis consumers expect quality and now they can enjoy full spectrum flavor from the first hit to the last puff.

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