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Why CBD & THC Are Like Fruits and Veggies

A well-rounded cannabinoid routine can support your health and general wellness.
A healthy diet means having the whole variety. It means having a wide range of foods for the complete range of vitamins and nutrients. 
But a healthy diet also means having cannabinoids like THC & CBD.
As humans, we naturally produce cannabinoids in our bodies. In fact, all animals produce cannabinoids and have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which interacts with cannabinoids to regulate our pain, inflammation, immune systems, mood and thinking.
So just like vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, cannabinoids may be just as essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Isolate CBD vs. Having Many Cannabinoids

CBD is just one of more than a hundred different cannabinoids found in cannabis. THC, CBDV, CBG, THCV, CBN, CBC, CBGV. The list goes on. Each cannabinoid may have its own unique health benefits, and so to miss out on these other cannabinoids could mean missing out on benefits that CBD alone may not provide.
Just as nature never meant for us to have just one vitamin, nature never meant for us to have just one cannabinoid.

Beyond CBD

While CBD can help manage as sleep, chronic pain and anxiety, it may not be as effective as other rarer cannabinoids such as CBG, CBDV, or THCV might be for certain ailments. 
CBG may have powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which could benefit issues such as IBS, colitis and acne. CBDV may highly effective as an anti-acne skincare agent and could have powerful neuroprotective effects for those suffering from nausea or epilepsy. THCV, a rare and exclusive cannabinoid, might be a more powerful anti-inflammatory agent than CBD. THCV may also be a greater anxiety suppressant, in addition to potential benefits for weight-loss while also boosting mental clarity.