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How uKERA is Leading the Way in Cannabis Vape Technology

Cannabis vape sales across the United States are on the rise, as the second largest category behind flower! It’s why uKERA has developed new vaporization technologies to revolutionize the cannabis vaping experience and help your brand stand out from the crowd.

While there are many vape options on the market, a number of problems come with them. A standard spring coil quickly overheats, burns through the wire, and creates hotspots that can destroy the integrity of your oil. 

If you’ve vaped cannabis extracts with a regular coil before, you’ll be familiar with the typical burnt end taste that can ruin the whole vaping experience. And while this is a common experience among cannabis consumers, it doesn’t have to be. 

We’ve created our uKERA cannabis vape devices with all new and improved features and at a similar price point as a regular coil. Here’s how we did it:

uKERA Ultra

Our Ultra technology integrates a microporous ceramic wick and a precise-metal heating plate to ensure excellent flavor from your first puff to your last. 

By using nano-scale adhesion with chemically covalent bonding, the heating element is securely attached to the ceramic structure for a more reliable and durable heating performance. Compared to regular coils, our uKERA Ultra coil shows better stability, even up to 500 puffs– double the lifespan of a regular coil!

Our heating element and ceramic wick have a melting point of above 1000°C and remain stable under all vaping conditions. In other words, you don’t have to worry about your vape failing or any heavy metals leaching into your product if you’ve left your vape out in the car.

We only use quality materials in our devices that strictly conform to regulatory requirements. The ceramic wick is made with food-grade silicate, and the heating plate uses materials commonly found in medical applications. 

Although ceramic-based vaporization technology isn’t new, there’s a big difference in the quality of your vapor depending on its porosity levels, pore size, and overall pore distribution. 

We’ve put years of research into optimizing ceramic vape technology to create a highly concentrated microporous ceramic structure. This allows the oil to flow and heat more evenly, producing better flavor and vapor production. 

Our uKERA Ultra technology is all about power, efficiency, and a consistently enjoyable vaping experience.


The uKERA NC coil uses a stainless steel plate that covers 50% more heating surface than a regular coil. The plate is integrated into a porous ceramic structure to control oil intake and deliver consistent taste and vapor volume. 

Its rich low-temperature heating surface allows for better flavor than a wire, and you can control the heating temperature to prevent dry-burning. We’ve used improved NiCr heating to prevent any heavy metals or harmful chemicals from leaching into the product when using our vapes. 

We’ve also developed a unique airflow channel design in our NC Coil to prevent leakage or clogging, another common problem with cannabis vapes. 

One of the greatest benefits of ceramic-based vape technology is that you can use the widest range of oil viscosities with our NC carts. We can control the ceramic porosity levels of the coil for ideal thermal conduction and compatibility with your vape extracts.

Our uKERA NC technology gives consumers a better and safer vaping experience without any risk to their health or valuable extracts. 

uKERA Mesh-Coil

Our uKERA mesh-coil ceramic atomizer takes vaping to another level with its improved flavor, vapor, and heating efficiency.

We’ve embedded a mesh heating element made from the highest-grade NiCr into a porous ceramic structure, which covers more heating surface and distributes heat more evenly than a wire. 

The mesh-coil design allows for uniform heat distribution and reduces the risk of combustion or damaging oils when vaping. It also heats up faster than a regular coil and has a lower working temperature, even when used at a similar wattage. 

Low vaping temperatures make all the difference for cannabis extracts, as most cannabinoids are destroyed at traditional vaping temperatures. We’ve set our vaping temperatures to the ideal range for cannabinoids and terpenes, operating at just 160°C (320°F) so you can experience the full effects of your cannabis extracts.

You also get the benefit of smoother and cooler vapor, and our uKERA MC devices have far lower power demands than other vapes. 

Try out our uKERA vape devices today!

All uKERA vape devices use patented heating technology to give your brand a competitive advantage. Our team is dedicated to researching and innovating vape technology to bring you a vaping experience as unique and complex as cannabis itself.

Instead of solely power and vapor volume, consumers want a discreet and portable way to enjoy cannabis and experience the full range of its effects. This means finding a vape that preserves all of the minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavinoids that come with it.

If you’re looking to grow your product line, we can help you find the right vape solution for your needs. Check out our Guide to the Different Types of Cannabis Vapes to learn more about the various benefits and features of cannabis vapes.

You can also reach out to our uKERA team today for a free consultation and sample kit of our high-end cannabis vapes!